What’s the peel with orange CBD?

What’s the peel with orange CBD?

Did you know you can get CBD from oranges?

Nope, neither did we.

While the idea of lab-made CBD may not be ‘a-peel-ling’ to everyone. We ask if this THC-free synthetic CBD could be the real deal.

“I see other cannabinoids being synthesised from things like orange peel. We would develop a whole spectrum be readily available and synthesised to a high quality with real data behind it.”

Words by Caroline Barry

As the CBD boom continues, companies are striving to find the next big thing. Citroso from Japan brought citrus CBD drops to the attention of the canna-curious at the recent USA CBD Expo expo in Las Vegas, causing us to raise the question: is this an alternative form of an already alternative medicine?

Another brand, Citrus CBD, established in 2018, offers products that are completely hemp free and instead are made from orange peel.

CBD is apparently highly concentrated in oranges making up 97% of the rind’s essential oils.

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