Try some culinary CBD this 420

In December 2018, the UK’s first vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurant with a CBD-infused menu opened its doors.

Based in Brighton, Canna Kitchen’s most popular menu choices include hemp tea and their CBD sandwiches, some containing a CBD cream cheese filling. Who said high tea was only for Londoners?

Running Leeds Hemp Harvester Café is a joint effort. Philip Shaw and David Cummings offer an extensive menu and can infuse any item with CBD, even the full English breakfast.

David experienced the benefits of CBD first-hand after switching to the natural compound from prescribed painkillers that were affecting his mental health.

With the slogan, ‘you choose it, we infuse it’, they serve a range of foods from fish and chips to cheesecakes.

CBD coffee is a new trend being embraced by many baristas, including those at the Organic Deli café. Adding a couple of CBD oil drops into an espresso, this Oxford café offers the releaf needed to combat the chaotic city lifestyle.

If you’re in Ireland, why not take a trip to Waterford and visit Blooms Café? It’s not always easy being green, but here it certainly is.

The cafe sells scrumptious vegan mains, desserts and CBD coffee, all suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Finding a nice, relaxing bar to have a drink in seems to be pot luck in Britain’s busy capital, but search no further! Maison Bab in Covent Garden offers a Gin & Chronic: a classic gin sour with a CBD twist.

For those of you who don’t drink, there’s always the non-alcoholic Ginger Gear at Hackney’s Behind This Wall.

Go, explore and discover the high potential of CBD-infused goodness and celebrate cannabis in a the new, trendy way!

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