Police will ‘not look the other way’ of cannabis patient’s home cultivation

Police have told a medical cannabis advocate that they will not turn a blind eye to her growing cannabis at home.

Carly Barton was one of the first people to be prescribed medical cannabis in the UK but her private prescription costs around £1400 per month.

Barton has vowed to continue to grow her six plants to treat her fibromyalgia symptoms despite Sussex police and crime commissioner Katy Bourne saying that she was ‘openly breaking the law’.

Barton said:

“[Bourne is] saying ‘it’s a health issue, the health secretary needs to sort it out’.

“But the health secretary is saying ‘there’s not much we can do’.

“At the moment there’s a lot of buck-passing going on and not much in the way of solution-focused plans.”

In an interview broadcast last week on ITV’s This Morning, Barton discussed ‘Carly’s Amnesty’, a pilot scheme that would allow patients with selected conditions to grow their medicine without threat of prosecution.

Sussex police would not confirm whether or not it was investigating Barton or any other individuals cultivating cannabis for personal medical use.

A force spokesperson said:

 “Each case is dealt with on its individual merits taking into account our overall policy.

“Our policy is to deal appropriately with the cultivation, possession and supply of cannabis as criminal offences, as one part of our primary role of dealing with the crimes and incidents which present the highest levels of harm and risk, particularly to the most vulnerable members of our communities.”

The police came under fire last week for ‘decriminalising cannabis’ after figures revealed a 75 percent drop in arrests in major cities since 2008.

Source: Huffington Post

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