About Our Store

CBD Stockhouse is a UK-based company committed to providing the best products that the CBD industry has to offer. Our goal is to make superior CBD products from the UK, USA and rest of the world accessible to the wider community. We provide a one-stop-shop for all your CBD needs, from beauty products to tinctures and everything in between. We ship worldwide and have a large customer base in over 40 countries.


We provide products from the UK, USA and rest of the world and hold close relationships with all of the manufacturers that we work with. All of our products come with certificates of compliance and many come with further testing for terpene profiles, pesticides and elemental analysis.

We go the extra mile

We have a great marketing team at our HQ who reach out to the community by promoting all of the brands that we hold. We utilise many tools to deliver the message of your brand all while supporting your core values. We heavily support our partners with highly interactive social media accounts and advertisements and we attend many trade shows and exhibitions around the world. We provide our customers with full and unrivalled support from purchasing to customer care. We are proud of all of the lines that we supply and we are always forward thinking with industry trends in mind.