‘Eat, sleep, CBD, repeat’ this Stress Awareness Month

Sleep issues are the third biggest cause of stress in the UK, but emerging research suggests there may be a way round this.

Move aside, lavender and chamomile: CBD is coming through!

When asleep, the body shifts between two different sleep states every 90 minutes or so.

‘Quiet’ sleep, which encompasses four other sleep categories, is a deeper sleep where breathing and heart rate slows, muscles relax and immune system functions are charged-up.

REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) is when the heart rate, body temperature and breathing increases, emotions are regulated and dreams occur.

The REM stage is where disruptions in sleep mainly occur. However, patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have found that CBD wellness products alleviate their sleep issues.

Sleeping conditions are most common among those with mental illnesses.

50 percent of adult patients suffering from anxiety and between 65 and 90 percent of those with depression experience sleeping problems that negatively impact their lifestyle and mental health.

A lack of sleep can cause stress, but stress can also cause a lack of sleep, so maintaining the right balance for this cycle is crucial.

A lack of sleep or common sleep disruptions can have an impact on stress and neurotransmitter hormones which can impair cognitive and emotional regulation and lead to a decline in general mood and an increase in anxiety.

The calming effects of CBD can have a domino effect on stress and sleep levels. It has also been shown to reduce insomnia in patients who suffer from chronic pain by relieving pain and soothing the central nervous system.

When stressed and anxious, adrenaline levels become heightened and heart rate increases which causes the body to stay alert and awake. This is because it is tricked into thinking it’s in danger.

When this happens, symptoms of insomnia, restlessness and an overactive imagination dominate the precious time that should be devoted to catching those forty winks.

Reducing stress faced during the day can help to maintain a regular and routine sleeping pattern.

Reducing anxiety and relieving pain, as well as stimulating alertness during daylight hours, have been shown to be achievable with different doses of CBD.

Understanding what is causing stress is important but finding a solution to its impact on an individual’s lifestyle is vital. CBD could be the remedy to keep you calm and well-rested this Stress Awareness Month.

Don’t give up on your dreams!

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