Celebrating CBD this Fibromyalgia Awareness Month

Fibromyalgia awareness month began on May 12 with the aim to educate others and support patients who face fibro difficulties every day.

CBD has shown to relieve many symptoms of fibromyalgia by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) within our bodies.

Pain and tenderness

The Journal of Experimental Medicine published a study demonstrating how CBD acts as a therapeutic agent by suppressing chronic pain in cases of both inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

Many people use CBD in topical form as it is rapidly absorbed through the skin without having to pass through the digestive system.

Anxiety and depression

An animal study from Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark and Brazil’s University of Sao Paulo found that CBD can emit an anti-depressant effect. The researchers reported that the serotonin in the brain increased so the subjects showed less depressed behaviour.

The researchers wrote:

“The main finding of the present study is that CBD induces not only a robust acute, but also sustained, antidepressant-like effect in different species and distinct animal models.”

CBD has also been found to reduce anxiety.

While many reports of CBD’s anxiolytic effects are anecdotal, a 2012 study published in the journal Neurotherapeutics reported:

“Current evidence indicates CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders.”

Sleep problems

CBD stimulates the ECS to stabilise sleep and reduce pain or anxiety-related disturbances for longer periods of time.

Researchers at the University of Sao Paulo investigating sleep patterns of Parkinson’s Disease patients found that CBD provides the body with a deeper kind of sleep called REM sleep.

CBD influences mood regulation through hormone production which leads to users feeling calm and relaxed, making dropping off just that bit easier.

The researchers concluded:

“Four patients treated with CBD had prompt and substantial reduction in the frequency of RBD [REM sleep behaviour disorder]-related events without side effects.”

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