CBD brings 420 further into the mainstream

There are a lot of myths about the significance of 420.

Some people claim it’s a police dispatch code, others, the number of chemical compounds in cannabis, and some even believe that it has something to do with Hitler’s birthday(!).

But the real story goes back to California in 1971.

A group of friends known collectively as the Waldos (in reference to the wall where they’d hang out) caught wind of an abandoned cannabis crop and vowed to follow a ‘treasure map’ that would lead them to the green gold.

They agreed to meet at the Louis Pasteur statue on the grounds of San Rafael High School at 4:20pm, referring to the plan as ‘420 Louis’.

This was then shortened to 420 which became a code word for cannabis-consumption that was popularised by followers of the Grateful Dead (at least according to one telling of the story).

The term since inspired a whole day of celebration and advocacy that takes place every year on April 20 (4/20 by the American date format) across the US and Europe.

As state legalisation has rolled out across the country, more and more companies are capitalising on the occasion with products and offers.

Now CBD companies are getting in on the action and bringing 420 into the mainstream.

This year, customers at Beaver’s restaurant in Texas can enjoy cannabis-infused queso. Each bowl contains about 25mg of CBD, infused into the cheese via a tincture.

Always ahead of the cultural curve, residents of Portland can head to Stumptown Coffee for a bottle of CBD cold brew. Only 1000 of the bottles have been produced, each on sale for $4.20.

If you’re in Miami and have a hankering for something alcoholic, Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company has their No Pasties beer, a 9.11 percent ABV sour milkshake imperial (double) IPA made in collaboration with Tripping Animals Brewing Company.

And finally, visitors to a Denver, Colorado branch of fast-food outlet Carl’s Jr, can buy the Rocky Mountain High: CheeseBurger Delight for $4.20.

The burger comes with two patties, Carl’s Jr. signature Santa Fe Sauce infused with CBD, pickled jalapeños, pepper jack cheese and Crisscut fries to complete the meal.

The appropriately-named Patty Trevino, Carl’s Jr. senior vice president of brand marketing, said:

“The new Rocky Mountain High: CheeseBurger Delight ties back to our core strategy of being the first to bring bold and unexpected flavors that are at the forefront of hot restaurant trends to a quick service menu.”

They may not have been the first to infuse a burger with CBD but if the myths around 420 have taught us anything, it’s that you should never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

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