Cannabis edible company to supply Oscars gift bags for a second year

Nominees include Adam Driver, Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlize Theron and Anthony Hopkins.

This is the second year that the Coda Signature has provided products for the Oscars goodie bags.

The Denver-based brand offers a selection of gourmet chocolate bars and truffles combining CBD and THC.

Coda Signature co-founder and CEO, Mark Grindeland, said:

“Building on the momentum of our recent California launch, we welcome the opportunity to work with Distinctive Assets once again and elevate the gift bags with a singular Coda Signature experience.

“By participating in a Hollywood tradition, Coda Signature is bringing cannabis to the forefront of American culture.”

Guests will try a selection of Coda Signature’s award-winning infused chocolates from the comfort of their own home.

The evening will finish with a chocolate dessert of the nominee’s choice inspired by the brand’s distinctive flavours.

Choices range from Cream & Crumble Remix featuring sour cream tuile, Meyer lemon cremeux, white chocolate crust and buddha’s hand pâte de fruit; to a Maple & Pecan Remix, starring maple cream, bacon & chocolate financier butter, pecan ice cream and pecan shell smoke.

Chef Lauren Gockley said:

“It’s an honour to bring the nominees a curated culinary experience that celebrates creative artistry at its finest.

“At Coda Signature we strive to be the best of the cannabis industry, and we’re excited to recognise the best of the film industry.”

It’s not just infused edibles on offer on this year as the nominees will also receive a 24kr gold CBD/THC vape device from Hollowtips.

Distinctive Assets who assemble the gift bags estimate that last year’s bags valued at $100,000.

Source: CNET

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