Been working out? Here are five CBD products for DOMS, all £50 or under!

First it was working from home.

Then came the home workout 💪.

If there is one great positive to come from six consecutive weeks of hearing the words #StayHome, it’s that the nation may be getting fitter behind closed doors.

Sales of exercise equipment soared in April in the UK with kettlebells, dumbbells and yoga equipment selling out online on popular sites such as Argos and Amazon.

When Argos managed to restock some of its most popular workout essentials during week five, that top up sold out within one day.

The popularity of bicycles in particular has sped up, with more and more Brits finding independence in a daily cycle, or buying indoor exercise bikes to ‘spin’ at home, according to retailer Halfords.

“People who are not able to get out still want to exercise indoors.”

– a Halfords spokesperson told the BBC

Can CBD help me get fitter?

CBD is high in antioxidants and is also an effective plant-based anti-inflammatory, which may help in easing those aches that come with DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

There are many sports supplements out there infused with CBD, with muscle balms, gels and creams proving popular with cross fitters and aspiring yogis alike.

(Click here to learn how regular intake of CBD may help boost your motivation to exercise).

Whether it’s a quick HIIT class with The Body Coach, a home yoga session or an uphill cycle, there’s a CBD product for every level of activity.

We found five for £50 or under!

CBD muscle rub in a tub, by four five CBD
CBD Muscle Rub by fourfive CBD from £34.99, now available at Boots
CBD muscle ointment from 365 CBD
365 CBD Warming Topical Gel from £26.95
CBD muscle balm with aloe, by Cannaray CBD
Cannaray CBD Muscle Balm, £40, now available at Tesco.
Super Soothing CBD balm
Balm+Relief with CBD and CBC by Plant People, £49
Heat Repair Balm infused with CBD
CBD Sport Heat Balm 1000mg/30ml, £50

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